Saturday, April 18, 2009

Asher Roth= Asleep In The Bread Isle

Haven't listened to the whole thing yet. I'm like 2 tracks deep. I'll update this post in lil bit.

Asher Roth - Asleep in the Bread Aisle

Ciara= G Is For Girl (AZ)

Apple Mac Folder Concept

Nike Dunk SB Low Premium Sky/Pink

Birdman + Pharrell + Mack Maine= Champion


Finally Got 'Em!

Well they're not in my possession yet but they're on their way! And I know I'm late with getting them. Eastbay kept bullshittin' with that back ordered ish! What should I wear with them??

Vick This is All Us!

This baby is so perty! Seeing it come out the trailer is like seeing your first born come out of it's mother....or father(you never know these days) ^_^

Katy Perry Covers Sam Sparro's 'Black and Gold'

Here's the original song from Sam. This is my favorite song from him.

And here is Katy's version which is almost as good as the original one.

M.I.A + Kovas= Hit That remix

This is a mix between annoying & jammin'

Yves Saint Laurent 'Cage Ankle Boots & Cage Strappy Sandals'

You can get them @ Net-A-Porter for an arm & a leg.

Christina Millian=Zipper

Ehhh this one's alright. You know that sound when an artist is desperate to make a hit?? Well this is it

Keri Hilson= Trojan Man

I don't really care for her music but this joint is hot! I usually don't like when female artist are provocative through their music but atleast she's promoting safe sex.

Drake= Best I Ever Had (live)

Damn, the fee's know the whole song word for word...bananas!.

BBC/Ice Cream Season 8 Releases

Go to BBC/Ice Cream to pick up yours.

The Real Kid Cudi!

See if you can spot him in this picture of his 6th grade class

Here's a picture of him in the 5th grade..Son still has that dumb ass smirk.

And this is one from the 6th grade.

Kid Cudi= Higher Up

No one really knows if this is new or not but what the hell just listen.

Kanye West= Wheely Shit

Even though it's only about a minute long he still spazzed! It's something to be on an upcoming mixtape from Ye. We'll just have to wait & see.


It's Kim Kardashian again!
She kinda look like Michael Jackson in this one.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Monster Musik Tour Footage!

ok so last night some really cool kids that I happen to have the pleasure of knowing and going to school with had an awsmazing show last night featuring some pretty dope artists.

Up and coming artists such as AA and Konfidenze opened for the hard hitters, coincidentally they will be the first interview in our 5 Questions at 5 Interview Series!

The featured artists included G-Eazy [never particularly cared for dude,lonnggggg story! But now that I know him he's really cool and VERY talented], Famous Stranger, Raw Dizzy, Curren$y, Corey Gunz, and PNC...very excellent line-up...but anyways the show was great, I met almost all of the artists and their people and had a great time! Enjoy the footage!

Brick Chair & Brick Chandelier by Pepe Heykoop

These pieces were made with over 1000 bricks glued together.

Nigga What??!

JD is straight trippin'. What pleasure can you get by sticking your fists in some chicks ass?? I don't care how fine she is, I'm not puttin' my hand in nobody's pooh hole. He says it @ 5:30

And this nigga Bow talkin' bout he'd eat it....Ok let me stop frontin'. I would too but I wouldn't tell the whole world I would! Bow says it @ around 4:05

Opening Ceremony M13 Wing Tip Boot

Get yours Here.

Kanye West Louis Vuitton Photoshoot

Sorry for my abscence..haven't really been feeling like blogging..Currently listening to my Banking teacher bitch about this wack ass test that we all failed. Get over it guy. But yea, Ye & his girl lookin' real spiffy.